Smart Parking

Optimized system for efficient parking management from all kinds of the parking lot. All system are managed in one solution with AI engine, from fast entry and exit of vehicles to management including settlement.  

ALMO Platform

ALMO is the platform based on AI, provides smart management system with IoT monitoring and energy saving.  

it smartly manages environmental elements and related equipment of high power consuming facilities such as buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and convenience stores.

ALMO_IoT Monitoring

Based on AI technology, providing monitoring to reduce cost, maintain the best condition, and protect valuable properties. Smart IoT monitors a variety of environmental states in real time, also it monitors and controls a various type of devices. 


The building is a very important asset. However, many of them are not managed efficiently. 

SMART BEMS saves the cost of building management by efficiently managing the energy wasted in the building.

ALMO_Energy Saving

You can save money ! Cutting back on the amount of energy you use can reduce your energy bill significantly. With a combination of simple energy changes you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills this year.

Smart OTP

Smart OTP(One-Time Password) Solution based on software provides your management software with secured protection so that crucial settings to be secured from unauthorized attempts or mistakes.


ALMO_Energy Saving for Convenience Store 

ALMO energy saving solution is designed and suited for all convenience store nationwide.

The solution meters electric consumption from electric appliances such as air conditioners, refrigeration units(vault room, open refrigerators) etc., Also helps reduce 20% of the electric consumption with Smart AI’s AI engine.

negative pressure bed



(License Plate Recognizer)


Gate Barrier


Pay Station

Parking lot



MindCube is a Philippine-based company under SiliconCube which started in South Korea and is a great business partner of Naver and Line (the biggest search engine in South Korea and leader in technology development, artificial intelligence, and robotics).  


Aiming to provide quality services to businesses among Asian countries. 

We provide custom made solutions, strategies and services for your brand in accordance with the vision of your company and its goals, and the results are an enhanced market presence for your brand and a significant return on your investment. Marketing a new product or service in highly competitive environment is a challenge to any new or old business. 

Seeing us in action is the best way to assess the unique range of parking products and other solutions based on AI technology available for you at MindCube Ph.

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