ALMO IoT Monitoring System

AI based Monitoring & Controlling solution

What is ALMO IoT Monitoring ?

Based on AI technology, providing monitoring to reduce cost, maintain the best condition, and protect valuable properties.

Smart IoT monitors a variety of environmental states in real time, also it monitors and controls a various type of devices.


Save Electricity Fee

Reduces electricity fee over 50%

Save Maintenance Cost

Lowers maintenance cost

Build Strong Security

Provides strong security


Find What You Need

HVAC Control

Measuring temperature & humidity and control

Motion Detection

Motion detection adoptable various applications

Tilt Monitoring 

Tilt monitoring of telecom or satellite antenna

Access Control

Remote control with digital door lock by PIN & RF card

Fire & Smoke Detection

Sensing smoke & fire

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance for security providing various features

Flood Detection

Detecting flood & leakage to prevent related accidents

Electricity Monitoring

Monitoring and meters reading for electricity

AC/DC Monitoring

Supplement power supplies monitoring & management

Flux Monitoring

Monitoring and meters reading for flux(Gas, Water)

Black-out Monitoring

AC power & frequency monitoring

Light Control

Monitors and controls the lights for optimization

System Configuration


Collecting all data from customer sites, providing all necessary information for efficient site management.

GUI for user-friendly environment, Web based for convenient access, alarm trigger via SMS & LINE messenger in emergency


Amazon Service

Cloud based operation

Secure and reliable

Provides the best stability in the world

GUI icon2.png


Easy for everyone

User-Friendly graphic interface

Easy to use

excel&pdf 3.png

Versatile Reports

Multi-Purpose Reports

Multiple reports supported

All data can be exported with PDF, CSV format


Emergency Alarm

Alarm Trigger

Alarm triggered to administrator via SMS or LINE messenger app. in emergency


[ IoT HUB ]

Controls all devices on the site and gathers all information from the sensors using industrial high performance, low power Embedded board. For various environments by incorporating versatile interfaces.

  •  Monitors various operation status of connected devices

  • Industrial-based platform

  • Provides various hardware interfaces.


MindCube's IoT sensor module provides a number of connections with various types of sensors for IoT. The small size module, but an integrated board with a variety of sensors, provides powerful performance with less installation position constraints. The device not only controls various hardware devices but also collects data from the sensors.

Architecture of IoT Monitoring Platform

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