ALMO _ Energy Saving for Convenience Store 

What is ALMO Energy Saving for Convenience Store ? 

Mindcube is Introducing you Smart AI, its brother company, and a subsidiary company of SiliconCube in Korea and its advanced ALMO energy saving solution to ‘S’ convenience store nationwide in Thailand. 

Why You need ALMO_ Energy Saving for Convenience Store ?

The solution meters electric consumption from electric appliances such as air conditioners, refrigeration units(vault room, open refrigerators) etc., Also helps reduce 20% of the electric consumption with Smart AI’s AI engine.

Heads up! Thanks to this solution the "S" convenience stores got USD400 reduced electric bill from previous month.

As pilot stage, few stores began to run with the solution and Smart AI’s will spread to more than 10,000 convenience stores in Thailand till the end of 2020.

We are glad to tell you that this custom made solutions and services will be bringing up here in the Philippines to serve you!
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