ALMO Energy Saving

AI based Smart Energy Saving

Why Energy Saving is important ?

The answer is simple: You can save money! Cutting back on the amount of energy you use can reduce your energy bill significantly. With a combination of simple energy changes you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills this year.

[ Relationship between Energy Consumption & Cost-saving ]

How to lower the energy consumption ?

Thanks to our AI based technology, intelligent electric power & air conditioner control algorithm significantly reduces energy consumption of target places over 50%

[ Smart Energy Saving Solution ]

We can save your energy consumption no matter what indoor and outdoor.

Every electronics, electric equipment are efficiently controlled to save electricity consumption in various places.

AI Monitoring & Control

[ Energy Saving Solution Applied Reference ]

Below chart is the case study that we applied our energy saving solution on the air conditioner system.

The result of our smart control solution to the air conditioner system operating 24/7,  more than 86.5% of energy consumption have been saved as well as electricity bill have been dramatically decreased.

※ This is actual data which fully tested in the field

- Indoor temperature change according to the smart control 

86.5% Decreased operation time = Increased your profit by energy fee saving


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