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Innovative technology for Smart Parking


(License Plate Recognizer)


MindCube’s unique technology based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence(AI) perfectly recognizes not only a formal license plate but also a license plate of a vehicle having a complicated or uneven appearance. ​Therefore, the system is applicable not only in Korea but also in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Thailand, which use complex types of license plates.


Gate Barrier (WJDZ101)


MindCube's Gate Barrier provides customers with perfect security thanks to its robust & durable gate breaker controlling access of vehicles.


1. Safe : the barrier will automatically go back when meet obstacles during closing.

2. Swing Out---Arm will swing out when hit directly by vehicle (only 1 second model) to avoid further damage on the vehicle

3. Clutch key can be used to release the clutch when power off.

4. Fan cooling machine reduces the motor temperature by high frequency using, and never get over-heated. Unique temperature calefaction design for low temperature using prevents freezing in cold weather.

5. Exactitude aluminum alloy die-casting motor base reduces the noise and joint abrasion to prolong the barrier gate working life.

6. Thimble type motor worm design for preventing plugging up in using.

7. Balance spring--- no noise and easy adjusting.

8. Double limit ways (electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit) for boom rising and falling.


Durability Verification Test

​See the testing durability of our gate barrier in the lab repeating opening & closing more than 1.5 million times.

Robust & Durable performance enhances our reliability. 

Smart Pay Station


Based on unmanned system, MindCube's parking fee pay station provides customer with convenience and 100% accurate fare settlement system. 

Thanks to user friendly GUI, anybody can check the exact parking fee of his/her with parked time and can pay easily within only 1 minute. Once pay at the pay station, drivers can exit without any delay at the exit gate. 

Through this automated pay station, all mistakes & accidents in settlement will be removed.


1. 15" GUI Touch Screen : User-friendly system

2. Various payment type : Cash(coin/bill) & Credit card

3. Flexible search : Search by parking pass(QR code) / license plate number / entrance time

4. 100% Accurate settlement 


Parking Equipment Accessories


Loop Detector - WJDG202

Loop Detector precisely detects vehicles approaching entrance gate.

Once a vehicle drives over a loop sensor the loop field changes which allows the detection device to detect the presence of a vehicle.

Long Range RFID Reader - MR6221E

​Long Range RFID reader allows drivers to authenticate their RF card  while approaching the entrance. Drivers are able to pass the gate without pause as well as they do not have to place their RF card to the reader for authentication since the reader identifies the card from a distance.


System Configuration

1. Long range reader connects to the controller via Wiegand 26 bit or 34 bit.

2. Controller connects to PC / Server via RS232 or 485.

3. Controller connects to Gate barrier by cable

Parking Lot Accessories


Speed Bump

Speed Bump (Set : Middle + End cap)

Rubber Speed Bump (Middle Only)

Rubber Speed Bump (End Cap Only)

Flexible Bollard

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