AI based

Smart Parking Solution

Parking space should be convenient and safe.

However, the slow exchanges of tickets and payments at the parking booth and the lack of security of the parking space create a very inconvenient and unsafe atmosphere.

MindCube’s Smart Parking Solution IS the answer to these problems. It allows quick entry and exit of vehicles with payment kiosk located separately from the entrance/ exit of the parking space. Making it more conducive and safer for customers in the parking space.

MindCube’s Smart Parking Solution provides all the solution for a profitable parking management.




Is there any way to speed up the slow parking system?

Would it be possible to speed up the parking system to increase the volume of customers in and out of my shopping mall and thus increasing the sales as well?

I want to give good services to our VIP customers so that they will keep coming back to the mall.

I want to operate and prevent a blacklisted guest in parking lot.


I want to improve the security of our village by controlling visitors coming in and out of our village.

I want to prevent the congestion of our parking space by immediately letting the customers know the available parking space.

I want to manage many vehicle entrances efficiently.



Automated parking management that was not possible before is now possible through MindCube technology.

MindCube's AI technology can perfectly recognize complex Philippine license plates.

Automate parking management using MindCube's technology.

Now volumes of customers in and out of the shopping malls can increase just by automating parking space and innovating its operation and management with MindCubes’s AI technology.

Villages can increase security by automating car access in and out of the village creating a safe and friendly environment. Perfect security is a key element of a high quality of a village.

MindCube’s AI technology can access big data of information and manage lists of VIP customers’ vehicles.

​Shopping malls and villages would be able to detect black listed vehicles as well.

Shopping mall can manage visitor information with big data.

AI based CAR License Plate Recognition

MindCube’s advance technology recognizes complex and diverse Philippine license plates.

MindCube is able to automate parking in Philippines, which was never done before, based on the high recognition rate of advance technology.

Parking space can be monitor & control through cell phones & tablets using MindCube’s AI technology Smart Parking Solution

It is also possible to monitor the status and control all parking lot equipment and entrance/exit point of vehicles using cellphones and tablets.


 With the use of smart Parking Solution payment would be hassle-free

Comparison of passage of vehicles with pre-paid and post paid.

x 3 times faster then post paid

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